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Berlin, Germany — July 24, 2023 — Cannabis-Startups.com, a groundbreaking platform that has successfully bridged the gap between angel investors and emerging entrepreneurs in the cannabis technology arena, announces an exciting transformation in its operational model.

Capitalizing on its deep industry expertise, Cannabis-Startups.com is shifting gears to become an active investor, offering dynamic social media support and sales, and positioning itself as a comprehensive media house focused on the cannabis industry. These strategic moves are designed to meet the opportunities arising from the impending legalization of cannabis in Germany.

From its inception, Cannabis-Startups.com has prioritized fostering innovation in the cannabis tech industry, creating a network that empowers entrepreneurs and facilitates transformative growth. The platform’s transition to active investment signifies a commitment to actively finance and nurture promising ideas set to redefine the cannabis landscape.

“We’re passionate about transforming this vibrant industry by actively investing in the most innovative, groundbreaking ideas and backing them with the capital they need to thrive,” said Falk Altenhöfer of Cannabis-Startups.com. “We aim to be the catalyst that accelerates growth in the cannabis tech space.”

Recognizing the undeniable power of social media in the current digital era, Cannabis-Startups.com is leveraging its expansive reach to assist cannabis startups in establishing a robust online presence to increasing brand visibility, and fostering meaningful connections with their audiences like investors, partners, and future employees!

Additionally, Cannabis-Startups.com is set to unleash the potential of its extensive sales network across Germany’s point of sale locations. This unique advantage allows the platform to showcase products physically while simultaneously promoting startups via digital channels, thus creating a seamless blend of offline and online marketing support.

Poised to transition into a commanding media house in the cannabis industry, Cannabis-Startups.com is dedicated to providing accurate, in-depth information about the sector, championing startups, and shaping public perception through trusted, authoritative content.

“With our evolution into a full-fledged media house, we’re aiming to redefine how the world views the cannabis industry, while giving startups the platform they need to shine,” Falk Altenhöfer explained. “Our dual approach of utilizing our sales network for product showcasing and our social media reach for promotion is designed to offer unparalleled support for cannabis startups.”

As Germany moves closer to legalizing cannabis, Cannabis-Startups.com stands ready to guide the industry’s transformation, enabling startups to succeed in this exciting new market landscape.

About Cannabis-Startups.com:

Cannabis-Startups.com is a forward-thinking platform that has consistently played a pivotal role in shaping the cannabis technology sector. It stands as a testament to the strength and potential of a unified network of industry professionals, angel investors, and innovative entrepreneurs. Originally founded as a connector between these groups, it has evolved to become an active investor, leveraging its considerable social media influence to boost startups’ visibility and reach.

In anticipation of the potential legalization of cannabis in Germany, Cannabis-Startups.com has positioned itself to become a leading media house for the industry. It is dedicated to showcasing the sector’s promise and advancement through accurate and reliable information. Through a blend of physical product showcasing at points of sale across Germany, and an extensive digital outreach, the platform empowers cannabis startups to achieve unprecedented growth.

Cannabis-Startups.com is more than just a platform; it’s a movement committed to reshaping the cannabis landscape, championing groundbreaking ideas, and propelling the industry towards a thriving, innovative future.



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